Complaints Handling Skills

Start date: 14 May 2019

Duration: 1 Day

Location: Clayton Hotel, Dublin Airport

Cost: Member rate €100 / Non-member rate €125

Programme overview

This training will provide an understanding of personal and customer psychological states of mind when in a complaint / conflict situation. The programme will provide techniques to use when dealing with complaint situation to seek a WIN / WIN outcome. Learners will practice handling a range of complaint scenarios to explore alternative solutions and outcomes so that they are confident when dealing with a complaint and turning a negative into a 'High Value Positive'.

Learning outcomes

Learners will have an understanding of the psychology of complaint handling and the practice of complaint handling.

Who is the course for

Management and staff dealing with complaints or conflict situations.


  • Psychology of complaint handling
  • Practice of complaint handling

Trainer Profile

Invisio are a team of experienced business and learning and development professionals. They are creative, reliable and independent of thought. They insist on getting to the heart of the problem and bring the full weight of their diverse and global experience and learning to the solution using their unique 3DE process. They offer deep expertise in learning solutions, coaching and facilitation.

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